At SolringAir we take our clients to the next level, providing airline and travel companies with IT solutions that give them an edge over their competition. In achieving this, we employ the talents of a highly professional, creative and innovation focused team. Therefore, if you are passionate about innovation, problem solving, and being part of a performance-driven team you can become our next IT developer, coding expert, data scientist or engineer.

Join our challenging environment where you can increase in skill and knowledge and accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Lockhart Conceição has joined SolringAir

As we begin the new year, it is a pleasure to introduce our newest team member, Lockhart Conceição, as Director of International Sales Asia Pacific & Africa, eager to take SolringAir to new heights. Lockhart brings 30 years of professional commercial aviation experience to his role which spans 8 airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qatar […]

“I was amazed by how art and science аre transforming to craft”

Meet Tymur, Backend Developer at SolringAir.Tymur always knows how debugging code, as well as designing systems for how the user will interact with the web app. Questions that Tymur always can answer: Where is data stored? Is it stored securely? Moreover, he has the widest smile in SolringAir development team.See some of his answers to […]

‘Creating products that are being used by thousands’

Sergiy, backend developer at SolringAir, fixing bugs and doing some voodoo PHP magic that involves some heavy eye-rolling and desperate gasps. What a skill it takes to work with PHP? Sergiy is the guy who can pull it off. What’s one thing that you like about your job the most? Creating products that are being […]

“Good soft skills are a must-have”

Today, technology is a male-dominated environment. According to the statistics women make up just 17% of the technology workforce across the world. But SolringAir team knows that girls power in IT is extremely important. The coolest girls are working out their soft skills here. Meet Natalia, our beautiful QA Engineer. What’s the most important traits […]

‘My heart belongs to Ukraine’

Meet Yuriy, project manager at SolringAir.Yuriy enjoys working with a wide variety of people to achieve a common goal efficiently and realistically. More than 4 years, he manages an Online Booking Engine project, each day fulfilled its responsibilities ahead of schedule. Maybe that’s why he never watched “Games of Thrones”? Find the answers here. What’s […]

‘’The main thing is to feel passionate about your job ‘’

Meet hard working and smart Valentyn, our Project Manager. He is aiming for the functionality and healthy atmosphere in the Check-in team. How did the project become one of the coolest in the company? Read here. What are your tasks at SolringAir? I have been working at SolringAir as a Project Manager for 1.5 years. […]

‘I enjoy working and learning from our team every day’

Kateryna, the Sales and Marketing Lead, represented SolringAir in the presence of top aviation professionals from all around the world. Having more than 10 years experience in Airline and Travel, she is currently refining her Sales & Leadership skills in the IT domain. Kateryna is a people-person and can easily find common ground with strangers, […]

Our Lead Backend Developer in exclusive interview

Kirill, Lead Backend developer at SolringAir is here exclusively for a tiny interview. Kirill is a specialist in development both of server and client-side with technologies: Java, GWT, Jasper Reports, Apache Cayenne, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Business processes analysis, development of interaction with GDS. What moves him forward? What brings him back? What are the devil sides of […]