How AI & BI Will Impact Ground Handlers

The AI & BI Suite provides an aviation digital data service.

This tool manages Big Data, uncovers patterns, correlations, trends, customer preferences and other highly useful information, which help experts in the aviation sector make more effective business decisions to the success of their enterprise.

With key features like multifunctional reporting and analytics, a ready to use web based system, aggregation data from various internal and external sources, multiple platform availability, API to external systems (HOST, DCS etc.), engaging, interactive and dynamic reports all operated on one dashboard, and flexible user management; the AI & BI Suite fully integrates with any other SolringAir product which you might be operating.

The AI & BI Suite supplies an operational database for ground handlers to enhance operational efficiency, improve the processing of passenger baggage handling and overall airport experience, and increase resource productivity. It also reduces operational costs and improves the flight turnaround time. For airlines, this dynamic tool provides data reporting, which enable them to make better and more strategic decisions in reaching monthly, quarterly and annual goals. Access to this analytic data also helps for better flight scheduling, which results in less flight cancellations. It also increases all-round productivity in a way that improves marketing methods, making them more personalized and accurately targeting each customer group; which inevitably grows ancillary revenue and boosts customer retention.

With the AI & BI Suite, aviation professionals can easily process Big Data from various sources, receive reporting by transforming Big Data into easy-to-follow reports and dashboards, and get deep insight of ongoing business status, patterns, customers behaviour and trends which avail KPI and major metrics all at a glance. This provides experts in the industry with highly valuable information right at their fingertips for better and more enhanced productivity in the sector. The AI & BI Suite is a huge advantage to any establishment, providing ground handling database and airline statistics which can give leverage to any airline company and enable to stand apart from the competition.