Contextual Upgrade

Designed for core privileging 

Contextual Upgrade dedicates to the upper-yield customers willing to enlarge their comfort by upgrading to the upper cabin class during the post-shopping stages:

  • Manage My Booking Ads
  • Remarketing notifications 
  • Check-in 

What is beyond?

Input data pool

How it works


  • PRICILI ™ collects the data and analyses the empty seats value against KPIs on a particular flight  segment
  • ANCILI ™ generates a lead with relevant wrapping based on the Customer Profile. Price will be guaranteed within XXh.
  • The customer selects a preferred seating set or Upgrade and pays for it.   
  • After the payment is made, seats will be blocked and or reallocated to an upper cabin class.
  • The customer gets a successful notification. PRICILI and ANCILI get a lesson to be learned.

How we market it

  • decide on a relevant seating set or Upgrade at a relevant price
  • discover the best channel and time to approach the customer
  • create the catchy wrapping  (image + copyrights), cause every purchase is about emotions 🙂
  • pitch it to the customer

Core touchpoints

Why we are confident in our technology

  • The airline doesn’t need to invest resources into manual configurations for each flight on a daily basis  – the system decides in a real-time 
  • Reducing check-in time by removing upgrade conversation at the check-in desk
  • We have a proven record of generating AI-driven revenue 
  • Strong re-marketing | outbound expertise 
  • Our solutions do not redirect End-Users to 3rd Party Applications 
  • Cross-platform smooth implementation for native iOS|Android
  • Smart packaging offerings
  • We provide copyrights and UI UX