‘Creating products that are being used by thousands’

Sergiy, backend developer at SolringAir, fixing bugs and doing some voodoo PHP magic that involves some heavy eye-rolling and desperate gasps.
What a skill it takes to work with PHP? Sergiy is the guy who can pull it off.

What’s one thing that you like about your job the most?

Creating products that are being used by thousands of people and that makes their lives easier and more comfortable. 

Who is your favorite book character? 

Sherlock Holmes. I like his method of deductive reasoning that helps to solve the issues: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”. I use it to find bugs and it even works, sometimes.

What the one think that you really want to achieve in your career?

To launch my own <important>successful</important> product.

If not coding what would you do in your life?

I would be an airplane pilot.

Whom is someone you really wanna meet but haven’t had the chance?

I have no idol so it would be nice to gather all my best friends together.