“Good soft skills are a must-have”

Today, technology is a male-dominated environment. According to the statistics women make up just 17% of the technology workforce across the world. But SolringAir team knows that girls power in IT is extremely important. The coolest girls are working out their soft skills here. Meet Natalia, our beautiful QA Engineer.

What’s the most important traits must have QA professional?

A QA professional should love the product, strive to make the product better for clients and users. It is also important to be skilled in organization and optimization of the testing process. Good soft skills are a must-have.

What’s is your favorite part of your job?

To see the completed product on prod and satisfied users.

What movie makes you cry from laughter ?

 1+1/ The Intouchables.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words ?

5 words are not enough =) Reliable, sociable, calm, easy-going, cheerful, team player, punctual, intelligent.

What’s your favorite place in the world ?

I do not have the only favorite place. I love Kyiv, Crimea – I have a lot of good memories of my childhood spent there. I’ve got a great impression from visiting Amsterdam and Vienna.