How to improve the capabilities of Airline’s selling platform

SolringAir NDC is an innovative way to modernize the way air products are being retailed to travel agents, corporations, and travelers. It improves the capabilities of Airline’s selling platform by providing direct access to availability, pricing, ticketing, media content and facilitating ancillary sales, etc via NDC API connection. SolringAir NDC capability provides functionalities to go using the latest industry baseline.

SolringAir NDC features include

Order Creation:

  • Fare Families | Bundled
  • Pricing by cabin|corporate|SEMN| IT fare | Lowest Best Buy
  • Air Ancillaries (meals, baggage, Seat Map),
  • Non-Air Ancillaries (insurance, Duty Free, PCR , lounge etc.)


  • Search Results
  • Ancillaries

Content management:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Multi-language
  • Fare Rules
  • Mini-Rules
  • Description text etc.

Order management:

  • Order Reshop
  • Refund
  • Post-Booking Ancillaries

Order Change:

  • upgrade| travel dates| route change| DOCS| FFP | SSR | OSI etc.

Notification Management:

  • Order Change Notification

Accounting Management:

  • Order Cancel
  • Ticketing Void
  • Payment Method and Commissions
  • Agent status validation via IATA IFG API

Reporting Management:

  • Sales Report (TJQ)

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