How to increase ancillary sales

According to the Airline Digital Retailing Survey 2019, only 2% of the airlines in the survey said they use data to create truly personalized offers, while 48% claimed they mostly have the same offers for all. SolringAir developed Personalized Ancillary Tool to help Airlines increase ancillary sales by using the information available in PNR to build personalized offers. The tool сan identify and offer the right product or service at the right place and at the right time. Key steps performed by the tool to achieve the increase of ancillary sales:

  • Build a profile. Build a profile of each passenger based on information available in the PNR.
  • Generate Personalized offers. Create a personalized offering for each passenger based on his profile.
  • Use AI to optimize offers. Apply a learning algorithm using an iterative A/B testing process, to achieve an optimal offer, the correct time and the best communication channel to use for each passenger.