How to retain abandoned users

Did you know that for every 100 potential customers, less than 10 will complete a booking? Main reasons users abandon the shopping process:

  • Prices are not competitive enough
  • User experience is tiring and complicated
  • Payment errors and other technical issues
  • Customers require time to make a decision before the purchase

Abandoned Booking Retention tool helps airlines retain abandoned users by using personalized offers generated based on data analyses of each user’s shopping experience.

Steps performed by the tool:

  • Tracking. Tracks when and why the user abandoned the shopping flow by analyzing data about the user’s shopping experience.
  • Personalized offers. Suggests to the user the most efficient personalized offer that fits his needs.
  • Simple booking. Allows the user to continue the shopping experience from the point where he dropped and easily complete the booking.
  • Learning Algorithm. Executes an AI learning algorithm based on A/B testing process, to learn what offers most effects each user.

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