Smart Seating Sets

We improve user experience by offering more social distance and privacy while flying.  Passengers can choose one seat or even a row of empty nearby seats to create comfort by allowing themselves social distancing as needed. Intelligent Assistant, ANCILI ™ is smart to offer this benefit at a relevant charge applying contextual pricing algorithms of PRICILI ™.

What is beyond?

PRICILI ™  decides about the intelligent price to block one or few vacant seats (rows)  applying its reinforcement learning methodology. It continuously learns and predicts : 

  • Real-time behavior
  • Buying power of particular passenger
  • Relevant pricing offer 

While, ANCILI ™  decides where|what|when to communicate with the customer across core touchpoints. Smart Seating Sets benefits: Proxy-business, Kids playground, Social distance, Sleeping room, Working zone, Mom’s privacy, Romantic flight and more