SolringAir offer NDC Ultra All Inclusive support package

NDC started to be adopted by the world’s leading airlines as they begin to realize its potential. Still, only around 40 airlines in the world are NDC certified. Indeed NDC is a powerful initiative – originated by IATA as a GDS bypass it also provides the foundations to modernize airline retail capabilities. NDC APIs are designed to support the full richness of the product across different channels and set the aviation industry up for the basic principles of e-commerce – customer authentication and personalization, control over offer and omni-channel retailing.

SolringAir offer NDC Ultra All Inclusive support package which includes:

✓ Certification

✓ Integration

✓ Documentation

✓ Onboarding

✓ Support Help Desk and Chat

✓ Consulting

✓ Regular meetings and focus group

If you are interested in NDC contact us sales@solringair.com

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