AI & BI Suite

AI & BI Suite is an analytics tool aimed at managing Big Data, uncovering patterns, correlations, trends, customer behavior that is aimed to make more effective business decisions.

The AI & BI Suite is fully integrated with other SolringAir products and is available on multiple platforms with highly flexible settings on demand.


Functional Key Features:

  • Streaming analytics
  • Dynamic output options
  • Advanced natural language capabilities
  • Instant disruption information
  • Adaptable customization settings
  • API to internal or external systems


Advantages for Airlines:

  • Predictive behavior modeling
  • Discover commercial gaps
  • Define customer-centered benefits
  • Growing ancillary revenue and improving marketing
  • Data analytics trends
  • KPI monitoring


Advantages for Airports & Ground handlers:

  • enhancing day-to-day operation
  • improving baggage/passenger handling
  • reducing ongoing costs
  • shorten turnaround time
  • strengthening security systems
  • increasing resource productivity
  • revitalizing airport shopping
  • provides opportunities for extra revenue sources


AI & BI is able to aggregate data from various internal and external sources. This solution has a ready to use web-based system and a highly interactive multifunctional reporting and analytics.