ANCILI ™ – AI Ancillary Platform

ANCILITM is an AI Ancillary Platform built on machine learning algorithms  targeted to  boost the ancillary revenue of Airlines and Travel Companies and enlarge their profitability



As competition in the travel industry continues to grow, Ancillary sales are becoming a major channel for monetization. Some Airlines and Travel Companies are reporting that Ancillary sales have become the majority of their profit while others are still struggling to increase their Ancillary sales. It all depends if you can offer your passenger’s personalized offers that fit their needs.


ANCILITM was developed by SolringAir to help Airlines and Travel Companies increase ancillary sales by using the machine learning algorithm to build personalized offers. ANCILI TM can increase average ancillary revenue per Web passenger by 35% and more. Unlike humans ANCILITMcan process an immense amount of data in real-time mode within just a millisecond.

ANCILI can be easily embedded to any retailing platform to help airlines or travel businesses with:

  • Upselling to a higher fare
  • Completion of the abandoned orders
  • Cross-selling Air and Non-Air Ancillaries
  • Promoting 3rd Party Content





      ANCILI ™  can process any type of 

      Ancillary Services






  • Extendible high-performance storage for both qualitative and exhaustive data. The warehouse is capable of storing any kind of data. That is a vital requirement for modern machine learning model training.
  • Well-designed ANCILI Experiments Platform for real-time monitoring and automatic model retraining. That provides us just-in-time insights vs Airline’s KPIs.
  • Efficient clustering and prediction algorithms based on real-time actions and User behavior. That is driven to maximize the accuracy of recommendations during interaction and result in higher revenue and better User Experience.




What is behind ANCILI ™ ?








ANCILI ™ analyses the number of metrics and parameters in real-time to reach the KPIs




  • Promo Campaigns
  • Average Ancillary Bill
  • Ancillary Revenue
  • Origin @ Destination
  • Traffic
  • CTR %
  • Seasonality
  • Schedule
  • Fare and more…  

The coherence of applied algorithms is visualized to show the achievements in real-time. The interactive dashboard of ANCILI shows the efficiency of its assumptions and execution in various metrics

  • Dynamic bundling Flights + Ancillaries 
  • Personalized sorting and filtering
  • Contextual pricing 
  • Situational COVID penalties
  • Smart Upgrades 
  • Intelligent alerts 
  • Forecast Duty-Free and Meals to be uploaded on board of a particular flight



       What else can ANCILI ™  do?





     ANCILI ™ is doing the personalized                       wrapping  based on the absorbed data:

  • decides the best CHANNEL to approach 
  • discovers the best LOCATION and LAYOUT
  • selects the catchy COPYRIGHTS, cause every purchase is about emotions
  • believes that some people prefer to see initial PRICE and some don’t  


ANCILI can process an immense amount of data in real-time within just a millisecond 

  • Customer profile
  • Purchase history 
  • Prefered timing 
  • Retail path behavior 
  • Preferred channel 
  • Loyalty history and more…

This data is required to understand the relevance of the following vectors: { Timing } – { Pricing } – { Channel } – { Content }



On behalf of  Easylinkz, a fast-growing technology company in the air travel domain, I appreciate our long-term collaboration and business relationship with SolringAir. We integrate the direct NDC API  from many airlines and stream direct content through Easylinkz technologies to our customers. We highly appreciate that  SolringAir meets the industry standards, recognizes those values, and reflects them in up-to-date practices. Today we are cooperating with SolringAir on integration their AIaaS called ANCILI ™. It is an  Intelligent Assistant which helps to convert abandoned bookings into successful deals.

Having a growing business, we are impressed with the ANCILI ™ capabilities.

Today we are discussing the mutual collaboration on other innovative tracks which might change the travel domain.

Pavel Spiridonov
Chief Executive Officer, Easylinkz LTD

Duty-Free America is excited to see the benefits of cooperation with SolringAir.
The innovation provided by the intelligent assistant ANCILI enabled us to enter the Ukrainian market faster and optimize our revenue through the Covid years.
During the piloting of ANCILI in collaboration with UIA, we doubled our pre-order transactions and increased our average bill by almost 40%.
We highly believe that artificial intelligence improves the user experience and enables us to make commercial decisions faster thanks to powerful data capabilities.

Marina Khlystun
Director, Duty Free & Travel Retail, Duty Free Americas - Aerohandling Ukraine