ANCILI ™ – AI Ancillary Platform

ANCILITM is an AI Ancillary Platform built on machine learning algorithms  targeted to  boost the ancillary revenue of Airlines and Travel Companies and enlarge their profitability


As competition in the travel industry continues to grow, Ancillary sales are becoming a major channel for monetization. Some Airlines and Travel Companies are reporting that Ancillary sales have become the majority of their profit while others are still struggling to increase their Ancillary sales. It all depends if you can offer your passenger’s personalized offers that fit their needs. 


ANCILITM was developed by SolringAir to help Airlines and Travel Companies increase ancillary sales by using the machine learning algorithm to build personalized offers. ANCILI TM can increase average ancillary revenue per Web passenger by 35% and more. Unlike human ANCILITMcan process an immense amount of data in real-time mode within just a millisecond.

Digital retailing by ANCILI TM includes:

  • Smart recommendations
  • Abandoned ancillary retention
  • Smart ReMarketing

Smart recommendations produce the personalized in-flow recommendations in-path booking and post-booking shopping experience: Air Shopping, Manage your Booking, eCheck-in.

Abandoned ancillary retention produces the smart content and recommends the right time to convert unpaid ancillaries into successful deal during the Manage Your Booking path.

Smart ReMarketing chooses the right engagement moment and channel to sell the relevant ancillaries through the passenger’s travel journey.

Offers are proposed to passengers at different stages:

  • during Air Shopping flow
  • during Post-booking flow
  • during online check-in

ANCILITM learns and predicts the customer behavior patterns to enlarge the propensity for ancillary revenue through personalization.

ANCILITM approaches the  following segments during  the relevant acquisition stages

  • Call Center reservations
  • Web and Mobile reservations
  • Agents reservations

ANCILI ™ is doing smart wrapping of the personalized messages:

  • discovers the best location of the message appearance
  • believes that some people prefer to see the initial price and some don’t
  • decides which channel to approach
  • selects the catchy copyrights
  • turns the image into a sales conversion magnet

Why you need ANCILI ™

  • Smart money maker → success driven 
  • Proven record in ancillary revenue growth  
  • Making effective decisions that bring revenue in real-time  
  • AI converts big data into sales in a millisecond 
  • No slowdown → 24/7 uptime
  • Much more accurate in building forecasts vs human