Ancillary Shop

Airline Ancillary Revenue Software

Experience the advantage of using the SolringAir ancillary shop. With one click, it is even easy to upsell passengers to the fare families desirable to them.

The ancillary shop is one way of implementing multiple systems in selling a wide range of flight services while enhancing the passenger flight experience. The user-friendly dashboard enables you easily access and specify the required ancillaries to deliver efficient services to the customer based on their individual needs. It is a win – win situation. Increase your efficiency and give passengers the option of customizing their travel experience at the touch of a button and to their ultimate satisfaction, with the ancillary shop. Overall, the ancillary shop enables you provide a higher degree of personalization with access to the latest technology and content, to produce greater customer value that leads to higher revenue.


  • Interactive visually & appealing seat map
  • Click or drag & drop to allocate a seat
  • Dynamic overview of sitting allocation
  • Payable and free seats are designated
  • Passengers summary is displayed
  • Groups and family friendly


  • Catalogue by each flight segment with short overview and picture
  • Categories filtering: lunch, snack, dinner etc.
  • Preorder cabin meal catalogue allows to market hot deals
  • Passengers summary is displayed
  • All selections appear in shopping checkout dynamically


  • Bags, sport equipment, pets can be easily added to the shopping cart
  • Passengers summary is presented
  • All selections appear in shopping checkout dynamically


Airport services

In-flight services

Functional Key Features:

  • UI/UX mobile responsive and cross-browser friendly
  • Multi-language and localization (Cyrillic, Latin and Chinese European)
  • Retrieve passenger’s booking (PNR locator or ticket number)
  • Validate ancillary services eligibility against airline’s rules
  • Request ANC catalogue from the agreed source
  • Dynamical shopping cart while booking/selection is performed by the passenger
  • Issue ancillary confirmation documents (customized)
  • Add required SSR/EMD and other elements into PNR
  • Ancillary catalogue configuration settings: eligibility rules, restrictions, commercial names, pictures, SSR codes, marketing options etc.


  • Accelerate income smartly
  • Building a 360-degree view of passengers
  • Comprehensive measuring campaigns
  • Simplify the process of getting personalized content
  • Effectively managing various marketing channels
  • Increasing marketing ROI
  • Earning revenue from 3rd parties ads

Ancillary shop enables airlines to provide a higher degree of personalization with access to the latest technology and content and producing greater customer value that leads to higher revenue.


On behalf of  Easylinkz, a fast-growing technology company in the air travel domain, I appreciate our long-term collaboration and business relationship with SolringAir. We integrate the direct NDC API  from many airlines and stream direct content through Easylinkz technologies to our customers. We highly appreciate that  SolringAir meets the industry standards, recognizes those values, and reflects them in up-to-date practices. Today we are cooperating with SolringAir on integration their AIaaS called ANCILI ™. It is an  Intelligent Assistant which helps to convert abandoned bookings into successful deals.

Having a growing business, we are impressed with the ANCILI ™ capabilities.

Today we are discussing the mutual collaboration on other innovative tracks which might change the travel domain.

Pavel Spiridonov
Chief Executive Officer, Easylinkz LTD

Ukraine International Airline was among the first airlines which introduced automated check-in to its passengers in cooperation with SolringAir in 2015. This project had significant achievements in the costs optimization program from one side and improved the customer experience from the other side.We are proud that UIA has been one of the first movers to embed the ancillary services through its check-in flows, and that was a great collaborative project between SolringAIR and UIA teams. Today UIA passengers can enjoy a seamless omnichannel online check-in process that reaches 95%.  Every day we are doing the new steps to transform the classic check-in experience into the innovative one. UIA will continue to expand the cooperation journey to success.

Oleksandr Gerekhanov
Head of Technologies and Departure Control System Department, UIA

Duty-Free America is excited to see the benefits of cooperation with SolringAir.
The innovation provided by the intelligent assistant ANCILI enabled us to enter the Ukrainian market faster and optimize our revenue through the Covid years.
During the piloting of ANCILI in collaboration with UIA, we doubled our pre-order transactions and increased our average bill by almost 40%.
We highly believe that artificial intelligence improves the user experience and enables us to make commercial decisions faster thanks to powerful data capabilities.

Marina Khlystun
Director, Duty Free & Travel Retail, Duty Free Americas - Aerohandling Ukraine

Nowadays, NDC became the core trend in the evolution of the aviation industry. UIA is the only Ukrainian carrier that follows this trend. UIA team is moving forward in a step with the industry world leaders. That allows the travel agents to transfer their sales to a direct channel and gain a positive experience of interacting with NDC API. SolringAir development team is actively working on expanding its content and functionality and is excellent at providing feedback. Another important aspect is a support service, which helps in solving issues in the shortest possible time. The future belongs to NDC, and we are confident that UIA agents will appreciate all the functionality and privileges of direct sales.

Oleg Skliarenko
Head of Product, DRCT.aero

Ukraine International Airline is delighted with the value it gained from the full-service NDC API designed by SolringAir. SolringAir has been a great partner, committing resources, time, and effort to help us deliver on the first steps of NDC API.  Today the UIA business partners can enjoy seamless air shopping, order management, refund, ancillaries, notification changes, IATA IFG, reporting, and more.  UIA uses multiple SolringAir solutions: Online Booking Engine, Check-in Suite, ANCILI, Mobile Applications, and Customer Feedback System, so it was natural for us to work together to expand direct B2B partnership channels. We will continue our partnership journey of mutual value and growth.

Elena Yezhakova
Head of Commercial and Distribution Systems Development, UIA

I would like to express our appreciation to the SolringAir team during the entire period of the integration process of the UIA-NDC. Quick and solution-oriented support has lead us to start with NDC smoothly.

Mehmet Erden
Manager of Ticket Product and Control Management, ETS Tour