Duty-Free Catalogue

SolringAir designs innovative solutions that allow airlines to provide a seamless e-commerce experience of Duty-Free online shopping.

Easy-to-shop interface
Passengers have access to Duty-Free catalogue during booking flow, managing booking or an Airline’s shopping site.

Online pre-order or purchase
The users can browse Duty-Free catalogue and pre-order with payment onboard or purchase with secured online payment.

Multichannel solution
A smooth shopping experience on all devices with responsive design and layout for mobile App ( iOS, Android)

Worldwide e-commerce
multi-language and multi-currency features for the impactful functioning of Duty-Free services

Personalized experience
Connection with PNR information to personalize the experience, and connection with loyalty programs for point

We enable integration with third-party vendors to provide users a broad variety of products and make them available on Duty-Free catalogue.

•‎ Driving ancillary revenue
•‎ A wide array of offerings on any destination
•‎ Quick & Easy implementation