Marketing and Campaign Suite

Marketing and Campaign Suite is a powerful Business Intelligence tool

This tool aimed at creating and managing targeted and personalized marketing campaigns across numerous channels.

Functional Key Features:

  • Easy marketing campaign/Ads creation and management
  • Variety of marketing Ads sources
  • Deep links with efficiency controller (clicks, conversion, views)
  • Supported channels (Web App, Mobile App, Kiosks, Invitations)
  • Various placement areas for marketing Ads (User Interface, notifications and messages, boarding pass, emails etc.)


  • Decreasing customer acquisition costs
  • Reinforcing up/cross-sales opportunities
  • Enhancing passenger centricity
  • Improving conversion rate
  • Boosting customers retention
  • Accessing verified segments: premium, medium, mass market
  • Personalized ads placement
  • Getting high quality data
  • Promoting services worldwide
  • Widening valuable touch-events X days pre-departure
  • Providing omni-channel ads
  • Delivering relevant content based on the passenger’s behavior


  • Accelerate income smartly
  • Building a 360-degree view of passengers
  • Comprehensive measuring campaigns
  • Simplify the process of getting personalized content
  • Effectively managing various marketing channels
  • Increasing marketing ROI
  • Earning revenue from 3rd parties ads

Pricing models:

  • Pay per view
  • Pay per click
  • Pay fix rate
  • Pay per event