NDC Compliant API

NDC is a travel industry standard for the distribution and retailing of flight content and is applicable to airlines, aggregators, and travel sellers. Providing the capability to distribute content in a new way. NDC modernizes the way products are displayed to your clients whether they be travel agents or corporations. NDC can help promote your ancillaries to increase your revenues. NDC is appropriate for full service, LCCs, and hybrid airlines. Especially beneficial for airlines that rely heavily on travel agents to sell a large percentage of their inventory.

SolringAir NDC API improves the capabilities of Airline’s selling platform by providing direct access to availability, pricing, ticketing, and media content and facilitating ancillary sales through NDC compatible API connection. We care about all aspects of NDC integration with minimal Airline involvement. Our goal is to ensure the smooth Go Live by delivering a superior customer experience.

NDC Portfolio

Offer management: multiple pricing options supported: fare families, lowest available fare by cabin class | corporate code | SEMN | IT fare | baggage included, etc., air ancillaries, non-air ancillaries

Order management: order creation, order reprice before ticketing, refund, post-booking ancillaries, upgrade, travel date|route changes, adding & modifying DOCS| FFP | SSR | OSI etc

Notification management: order change notification: ability to send messages to travel agents on involuntary schedule changes.

Rich content & personalization: images, video, multi-language products’ description and mini-fare rules, personalised content

Reporting: booking, sales, look 2 book

Accounting management: ETKT | EMD issue | reissue | refund | void, order cancel, payment method and commissions, agent status validation via IFG (IATA financial gateway)

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