Online Booking Engine

Online Booking Engine is an innovative online reservation platform which enables airlines reduce overhead costs and maximize direct revenue opportunities. Online Booking Engine is extremely time saving and easy to use with extremely user-friendly navigation. Online Booking Engine makes flight reservations, payments, modification and general management of the booking process as easy as a few strokes of the key.  


UI/UX Key Features:

  • User friendly navigation
  • Mobile responsive
  • Cross-browser friendly
  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA (W3C) compliance
  • Multi-language (Cyrillic, Latin, Right to left , Chinese European)
  • Smart marketing & upselling


Functional Key Features:

  • Own Business Intelligence logic (Fare Family mapping, Ancillaries, Marketing etc.)
  • Multi-level configurable POS
  • Configurable marketing upsell options for Fare Families and Ancillary Services
  • Multiple payment system providers and forms of payment
  • Basic antifraud, anti-robots and blacklists
  • Customizable multi-language doc issuance: eTicket, confirmation EMD, invoice etc.
  • Integration with Third Party Systems: HOST, DCS, PSP, CRM, RM, CKI, Revenue Accounting etc.



  • Increasing the yields
  • Earning extra ancillary revenues
  • A reduction in staff costs
  • Improving conversion rate
  • Personalized marketing content
  • Strong brand and market positioning