Smart Caching

Smart Caching: a solution aimed at saving transaction costs

Today, every potential traveler performs multiple searches, comparing between several options before actually booking a flight. Each search has an associated cost for the airline.

The increasing amount of searches made by each traveller incurs huge costs to Airlines and Travel agencies. The high costs are due to the following reasons:  

  • Transactional fees paid by the Airline to PSS systems, per each search
  • Heavy investments in infrastructure needed to support the processing power required for performing all these searches

To this end, SolringAir has created a solution called Smart Caching, which effectively caches and reuses flight information to produce the required results, thereby saving a significant amount in transactional costs and also reducing the processing power required to handle these searches.

Using Machine learning Algorithms to identify the different pattern behaviour for different routes, SolringAir Smart Caching solution is able to overcome the dynamic nature of flight availability and prices and to provide an optimized solution that is able to efficiently cache up to 80% of search calls.

However, caching is not just about saving costs. An effective caching solution will boost your website conversion as the time users will need to wait for seeing the search results can drop from around 10 seconds to less than 2 second due to the speed of the cache.

An Airline or Travel agency that wants to benefit from SolringAir Smart Caching Solution is not required to replace their existing Booking Engine or any other subsystem. The solution is a SAAS service enabling the Airline to easily integrate a cloud service as part of their existing solution.