Smart Caching

Smart Caching: a solution aimed at saving transaction costs

Today, every potential traveler performs multiple searches, comparing several options before actually booking a flight. Each search has an associated cost for the airline.

The increasing amount of searches made by each traveler incurs huge costs to Airlines and Travel agencies. The high costs are due to the following reasons:  

  • Significantly high transactional fees from PSS/GDS systems
  • Huge investments in infrastructure to support the expensive and necessary processing power needed for multiple searches simultaneously.

To this end, SolringAir has created a Smart Caching solution –  SAAS platform built on the machine learning algorithms enabling Airlines and Travel Agencies to decrease their transaction and infrastructure costs, improve user experience and compose new products.

Smart Caching Solution effectively caches and reuses flight information to produce the required results.

Smart Caching Solution is a standalone cloud service that caches flight data and allows to reuse of cached flight data instead of querying the PSS/GDS every time search results need to be presented to the website visitors. Reducing the number of transactions made to the PSS/GDS provides primary benefits to both  Airlines and Travel Agencies

Reduces transaction fees paid to PSS/GDS
Improves the conversion due to fast response time through the applications
Minimize the infrastructure and support costs
  • origin & destination
  • availability
  • pricing
  • currency code
  • bankers selling rate (BSR)
  • trip duration 
  • marketing carrier and operating carrier
  • departure and arrival dates
  • direct flight or stopover
  • tariff breakdown 
  • type of fare and class of service
  • timetable
  • terminal
  • flight number
  • fare code




      Smart Caching Solution data







      Cache data is the primary feed to:




  • calendar pricing
  • pricing map 
  • pricing trends 
  • pricing alerts
  • pricing analytics 
  • travel by budget
  • forward availability search
  • digital data feed 
  • META connect 
  • digital campaign fee
  • dynamic packaging etc

Smart Caching Solution is able to overcome the dynamic nature of flight availability and pricing data by applying different pattern behavior in order to reach the best caching efficiency towards search queries.

However, caching is not just about saving costs. An effective caching solution will boost your website conversion as the time users will need to wait for seeing the search results can drop from around 10 seconds to less than 2 seconds due to the speed of the cache.

SolringAir provides the Smart Caching solution with 95% and more guaranteed accuracy.

Smart Caching Solution can be easily integrated with other subsystems.

An Airline or Travel agency that wants to benefit from SolringAir Smart Caching Solution is not required to replace their existing Booking Engine or any other subsystem. The solution is a SAAS service enabling the Airline to easily integrate a cloud service as part of their existing solution.