Software as a Service
SolringAir follows the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application delivery model, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about hosting and installing SolringAir software or any other costs-associated software locally - you simply license the package from us and we handle everything else.
This delivery model has numerous advantages over conventional site-based software deployment

Competitive Advantages

we host everything remotely and save your money

We Save Your Budget

We handle all of the hardware and maintenance issues

We Handle All Hardware and Software Issues

Our software can easily be scaled accordingly as your business grows

Scalability As You Grow

Reliable - our systems has 99.99% uptime

Guaranteed  Uptime Up To 99,3-99,9%

Rapid deployment ? we can usually have you up-and-running within 2 days

Rapid Deployment 

Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection

Globally Accessible

Secure ? we employ the very latest state-of-the-art security for our systems

Sound Security

technical support round the clock

Round the Clock Technical Support

Online Booking Engine



B2C Online Booking Engine (OBE)  is a customized powerful online reservation platform aimed to reduce airline costs and maximize direct revenues


OBE  Key Benefits 

  • Exclusive or standard layout for Web and Mobile Application  
  • Multi-language application for Web and Mobile (Cyrillic, Latin, R2L, Chinese European)   
  • Responsive design
  • Cross-browser friendly 
  • User friendly navigation 
  • WCAG 2.0. Level AA (W3C) compliant
  • Smart marketing cross/upselling features 
  • Own Business Intelligence logic (Fare Family mapping, Ancillaries, Marketing etc.) 
  • Multi level configurable POS (Point of Sale) 
  • Search results display  (Best Buy or Fare Family) 
  • Multiple fare types (normal published fares, confidential fares, corporate fares, SPA, interline etc. ) 
  • Configurable marketing upsell options for Fare Families and Ancillary services   
  • Ancillary  Shop in-built to Air Shopping flow or stand-alone end-point in Airline’s web site 
  • Powerful configurator for fees management 
  • Multiple payment system providers 
  • Multiple Forms of Payment (immediate, cash, invoice, hybrid methods and delayed ) 
  • VAT logic is supported for different product types 
  • Timetable display with opt in/out to process the booking directly 
  • Multiple currency management 
  • Multiple passenger types (Adult, Child, Infant, Youth , Senior etc.) 
  • DOCS/ DOCO/DOCS are configurable by Origin@Destination 
  • Basic anti-fraud and blacklists  
  • Marketing campaign management 
  • Customizable multi-language doc issuance: eTicket, confirmation, EMD, invoice etc.  
  • Localization tools into preferred language with immediate/automatic translation effect  
  • Integration with 3rd Party Systems: HOST, DCS, availability & fares database, PSP, CRM, RM, CKI, Revenue Accounting etc. 
  • Smart CACHE implementation 



OBE modules structure



Air Shopping Module 

  • Passenger types 
  • Availability & search results  
  • Fare Families 
  • Last Seat Indicator 
  • Mini rules 
  • APIS 


Ancillary  Module

  • Ancillary seats
  • Ancillary meals
  • Ancillary bags   
  • other ancillaries ( lounge, fast-line etc.)


Doc Issuance Module

  • Booking confirmation
  • Payment confirmation
  • Notification 
  • Doc issuance - -ticket
  • Doc issuance EMD


Marketing Module

  • Ads management
  • Personalized Shopper
  • Affiliates control
  • Customized e-Offers


Dynamic Packaging Module (on request)

  • Hotel + air
  • Transfers +air
  • Rent a-car +air
  • Railway +air  


Manage My Booking Module

  • Refund/reissue/revalidation
  • Upgrade
  • Process payment
  • Modify ancillaries 
  • View bookings and docs history 


User Profiles  

  • Create Individual User Profile
  • Create Corporate Profiles  
  • Modify profiles and preferences


Payment Module

  • Immediate (credit cards or alternative) 
  • Cash / invoice
  • Hybrid methods
  • Book now pay later
  • VAT 



OBE BackOffice & Mid Office main features



Back Office Module (Dictionaries)

  • Office IDs
  • Countries
  • Cities
  • Airports
  • Airlines (IATCI)
  • Languages
  • Currencies
  • Mini rules (Fare Family)
  • Ancillary codes   


Back Office Module (Configuration)

  • POS 
  • Form of payment  
  • Payment Service Providers  
  • Passenger type
  • Fees
  • Fare Families  
  • Ancillary Catalogue 
  • Localization
  • Doc templates
  • Marketing  
  • Security  


Mid Office Module

  • Reservation Board
  • Reporting Board
  • Marketing Tracker