Software as a Service
SolringAir follows the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application delivery model, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about hosting and installing SolringAir software or any other costs-associated software locally - you simply license the package from us and we handle everything else.
This delivery model has numerous advantages over conventional site-based software deployment

Competitive Advantages

we host everything remotely and save your money

We Save Your Budget

We handle all of the hardware and maintenance issues

We Handle All Hardware and Software Issues

Our software can easily be scaled accordingly as your business grows

Scalability As You Grow

Reliable - our systems has 99.99% uptime

Guaranteed  Uptime Up To 99,3-99,9%

Rapid deployment ? we can usually have you up-and-running within 2 days

Rapid Deployment 

Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection

Globally Accessible

Secure ? we employ the very latest state-of-the-art security for our systems

Sound Security

technical support round the clock

Round the Clock Technical Support





SolringAir Cutting Edge Technology - The ECHECK-IN SUITE allows airlines to significantly extend online-check-in rates, reduce operations costs, minimize delays, manage overbooking effects, earn ancillary revenues from selling extra services, and enhance passenger satisfaction.





Online Check-in  key benefits

  • Exclusive or standard layout for Web & Mobile iOS/Android native applications
  • Multi-language application for Web & Mobile (Cyrillic, Latin, R2L, Chinese European)
  • Mobile responsive and cross-browser friendly 
  • Web and Mobile Survey 
  • Web Check-in Kiosks (adaptive version)  
  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA (W3C) compliance
  • Smart marketing Ads, upselling and cross-selling opportunities  
  • Support for regular and charter flights    
  • Single and multi-passengers check-in up to 99 segments 
  • Easy to change of seats and check-out process. Bulk operations are supported   
  • Smart handling for APIS data and Security Questions  
  • PDF and mobile Boarding Pass (iOS wallet/gallery/local storage)  
  • Configurable settings for each sub-channel (Mobile and Web) via Backoffice  
  • Customized notifications across preferred channel (email, viber, sms and push notifications) 

Automated Check-in key features

  • Automated seats allocation and bulk Bording Pass generation 
  • Support for voluntary and involuntary options
  • Flexible business rules configuration by O&D, cabin class, passenger category, onward restrictions, SSRs etc.
  • Smart Overbook Module opt in/out
  • Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard
  • Generation and sending of customized notifications across preferred channel 


Overbook Module key features

  • Intelligent solution for automated handling of overbooked flights 
  • Seat guarantee for valuable customers (VIP, Loyalty, Business and Premium etc.) 
  • Pre-seat allocation option for sensetive passengers
  • Customized notifications across preferred channel (email, viber, sms and push notifications)
  • Generation of Boarding Passes with “stand by” status   
  • Automated reporting for airport stations: list for Upgrade, Downgrade, Denied Boarding


eCheck-in Invitation Key Features

  • Support for segmentation: priority (premium passengers) and standard (economy) 
  • Supported channels: email, viber, sms and push notification 
  • Configuration of flexible business rules are via Back Office  
  • Push notifications on invitation to check-in, boarding time & gate, other messages etc
  • Generation and sending of customized notifications across preferred channel with marketing Ads