Gold Sponsor at the Aviation Festival Asia 2019

SolringAir was glad to attend the Aviation Festival Asia 2019 in Singapore and participate as a Gold Sponsor.

Organized by Terrapinn, the event, which held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, was a great learning and networking experience for all who attended.

There were over 2,000 attendees with up to 170 airlines and airports, and the SolringAir team was happy to meet with them to demonstrate the company’s products, such as eCheck-in, Online Booking Engine, and the mobile App. An avenue to the world’s fastest-growing aviation market, the festival gave attendees the opportunity to meet with senior executives in the Asian aviation industry and from other parts of the world, to debate and discuss digital transformation.

SolringAir speech titled, “Wake up! Gen Z running digital trends”,  detailed the importance of improving the UI\UX of airlines apps due to the fact that the highest users, Gen Z, have an enhanced digital knowledge and better buying power.  And while airlines are stuck implementing legacy software and oldschool style designed apps, users are looking for much more. She also explained the digital laws for winning with Gen Z, which include:

  • NO legacy, only the latest IT stack
  • To get the attention of Gen Z, airlines would need to be social-media savvy
  • Use AI to enhance airline campaigns

The festival was a great platform for meeting with colleagues and decision makers of the airline industry, and learning from the numerous speakers who attended. Key players in the industry came together under one umbrella to discuss and share revolutionary ideas on airports, airlines, and the impact innovation has on business in the sector.

SolringAir is appreciative to all organizers of this year’s festival and looks forward to future events.  Thank you all for your contribution to a truly inspiring and productive conference.