‘I enjoy working and learning from our team every day’

Kateryna, the Sales and Marketing Lead, represented SolringAir in the presence of top aviation professionals from all around the world. Having more than 10 years experience in Airline and Travel, she is currently refining her Sales & Leadership skills in the IT domain. Kateryna is a people-person and can easily find common ground with strangers, making people feel comfortable in her presence.

Can you explain why you changed career paths from the Aviation Industry to IT?

I can not say that I left Aviation because SolringAir designs the solutions for the Airlines and at SolringAir I continue to communicate with the Aviation industry leaders, I can follow the creation of the cutting-edge products and travel even more than before.

How does SolringAir contribute to your personal growth?

By providing me the possibility to participate in Worldwide Aviation & IT events, by communicating with people from different countries and the simplest but the most precious – by hiring Great people in the Team that I enjoy working and learning from them every day.

Describe a time when making a good impression on a client was particularly important. How did you prepare, and what did you do to impress them?

The most effective weapon for “charming” a potential client – is to start a conversation with a genuine smile, show him that you are really involved in the conversation, demonstrate your positive approach and readiness to resolve his problems with your solutions. P.S. I don’t need to prepare, I always smile 🙂

What quote do you live by?

Happiness is our choice and I choose it every day!

What brings you the greatest joy?

Learning something new, taking the hand of my daughter, watching the sunset in Provence and know that the people I love are with me.